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Your review for the Atlas Bipod

For those who have been engaged behind rifles for most of their life understand the need for a quality bipod to accurately engage targets at long ranges. These ranges sometimes are than what many may be accustomed to. The Atlas bipod stands no competition when it comes to choosing from a variety of bipods available in the market, it is simply the best. It works extremely well because of its simplicity, lack of exposed bulk springs; and its robust design seems to add to its advantage over other bipods.

What it is?
The Atlas bipod was first marketed in 2010, manufactured by the B&T Enterprises LLC. Its multiple leg positioning and the ability to cant and pan are some of its features that have been patented by the company because of their uniqueness. The legs are designed to move independently, they can be deployed either forward or backward in a 45 degrees position, at 90 degrees position and also facing front or back. The Atlas bipod can be locked securely into five positions with the help of the 180 degrees arc. It also provides the shooter with a left to right pan of 30 degrees as well as 30 degrees of cant.

Its features
Constructed using stainless steel and aircraft grade aluminium, the Atlas bipod weighs a mere 12.7 ounces (this also includes the weight of the small Pica tinny rail). The adjustment knob provided on the Atlas bipod provides tension from moveable to lock when it is being used to pan or cant. At the lowest position of tension, you will be able to move the rifle but still provide enough tension so that you are able to hold the position of your shot before you take it (done through the line of shot using optic system on rifle). The height can be easily adjusted, ranging from 4.75 inches to 9 inches with the help of leg positions and leg extension positions for maximum flexibility and adjustment. Quick and easy adjustment through the five leg locking points is achieved by pulling down on the bearing detent leg collars. There is also a 3-inch extension available for those who need longer legs for their Atlas bipods.
The Atlas bipod is extremely impressive because of its flexibility and its ability to compensate poor positioning into which we are forced sometimes because of the situation before us.  Its quality features and flexibility makes it worth all the money spent on it.


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