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Get the Adams Arms

Adams Arms is an organization which is based out of the Tampa Bay area in Florida and was originally founded by a number of friends having an amazing dream in their mind. Now, the company has grown to be over twenty times the amount of

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Bullet Points – September 12

Bullet Points – September 12 NSSF’s weekly e-newsletter Colorado politics: Recall termed ‘democracy in action’ Last week’s recall elections in Colorado, in which Democratic State Senators John Morse and Angela Giron were removed from office – specifically for their support for recently passed Colorado gun

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All about Remington 870 Accessories

All about Remington 870 Accessories The Remington 870 was the next important style in a string Remington pump shotgun. The 870 features tubular magazine underneath the barrel, a bottom loading, side ejecting receiver, double action bars, internal sort, along with a score which locks into