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Know The New EOTech EXPS2-0

The new EOTech EXPS2-0 has the protection of Pelican- esque plastic clamshell. The ones who have their stint with the EOTech products will certainly not be surprised by it. No damage in shipping hence. The traverse-mounted CR123 replaces the AA batteries. A single CR123 works 600 hours at the default brightness. Auto off settings are required for conserving the battery. Another great feature of EOTech EXPS2-0 and some other EOTech EXPS variants is the variable brightness. There are20 settings available and the setting number 12 is the one where the user can find the default brightness. It is a good thing that can even be used in a desert on a day when there are no clouds.

The changes made
The issues that the users have been complaining of on using the previous models have also been considered. The latch and standard battery cap of the 500 series have been replaced with one O-ring seal cap. This O-ring seal cap is tethered to the sight’s body. There is a better sealing that means there would be no lost parts. As mentioned earlier there is an option of running it by making use of a traverse mounted it will take not more than 2 3/4 inches of rail space. So there is more room for you to use as per your desire. You can place the EOTech EXPS2-0anywhere on the rail an yet have a good sight picture. Sight adjustments can be made at 1/2MOA clicks by making use of a pocket change or a used cartridge. One does not require any tools to dismount, mount and adjust the weapon. One will love this feature in case one forgets to take his tool bag along with him.

The specifications of EOTech EXPS2-0
The weight of the EOTech EXPS2-0 holographic weapon sight is 11.2 oz. It has a length o3.5 inches that means it would take 2.75 inches of rail space for mounting. It has 1x magnification. The optical type is parallax-free transmission holography. The eye relief is unlimited. It has +/-40 MOA adjustment range and adjustment per click is 1/2 MOA (1/2″@100 yards). It is submersible to ten feet and its operating temperature is -40-150 degrees F. It uses CR123 Lithium battery. The EOTech EXPS2-0 is priced at $559. A the front it has a 1/8 inch solid glass and at the rear it has a shatter resistant laminate of 3/15 inch. Fog proof sealing and anti glare coating help in giving a clear picture.

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