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Flashlights Suppliers serving Oregon

Flashlights Suppliers serving Oregon
Distributor & assembler of batteries & battery packs for all electronic applications. Design, testing and UL, CE & UN DOT certification. RBRC recycling, technical support, custom assemblies, chargers, holders & packs. Chemistries include: alkaline, lithium …

Light Me Up: 4 LED Flashlights Tested and Rated
LED flashlights can do more than just light your way, they can save your life. Given the low power requirements and small physical size of LEDs, flashlight manufacturers have been able to abandon the bulk and fragility of traditional torch …

Military & Police Tactical Flashlights Suppliers
Distributor of LED flashlights for tactical police & military use. Specifications include 5.51 in. to 13.67 in. length, 1 W to 4.4 W power supply & 41 lumens to 190 lumens. LED flashlights are available in black, anodized black & black desert tan yellow …

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