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AR-15 Scope Mounts And Front Sight Interference

High quality optics is a must for any shooter worth his salt and depending only on iron sight s is definitely a thing of the past. But there are lots and lots of queries and doubts in the minds of users that are wary of spending a substantial sum of money on an optical device only to realize they have not got what they wanted. So, scope mounts indeed need a more detailed discussion for the help and knowledge of new buyers who fancy AR-15 as their weapon of choice both for tactical reasons as well as for winning competitions with ease.

Front sights of AR-15 generally come right in the line of sight of improved optics and so there is need of some kind of pedestal or mount on which these optical devices are to be fixed. So, it is an equally important and crucial decision to choose a proper AR-15 mount so that the optics can be used to its full potential. Other EOTech holographic sights, every other optical sight needs some kind of AR 15 mount for looking ramrod straight at the front sight through the optical device. But such AR-15 mounts are not that expensive and if chosen with care and little bit of intelligence would serve the shooter well and for long.

Standard medium to large sized scope rings on a readily available raiser often fulfils the purpose but does not look that elegant on the gun and, any connoisseur of Ar-15 would not think twice about loosening their purse strings when the issue of beautification of their favorite toy arises. And, to serve such connoisseurs, competing manufacturers are ready with their wares and would go out of their way to woo prospective customers. One can buy special scope mounts having offset scope rings that allow the shooter to move the optic forward to get it out of eyelids as it were and have a comfortable vision.

There are other extremely tough, yes, even bomb resistant scope mounts available at high prices but the moot question remains if a bomb explodes so close as to damage the mounts would such an explosion leave the shooter intact and fit enough to carry on shooting? Most experts are of the opinion that such fancy utilities are simply to squeeze some extra money out of starry eyed amateurs. But these bombproof scope mounts and scope rings look very sleek and can very well be used as embellishments on AR-15s even if their other advertised utilities are ignored.

These scope mounts are high enough to move front sights out of visions way if not totally but at least to the extent that would ensure that these front sights are not a distraction for shooters. In cases where the front sight is not completely invisible, it would appear on the lower third area of the peering window and, when magnified, will be blurred to the extent of being practically invisible and thus would not be a problem at all.

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